Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Viva Sales

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Data entry can be a real drag for salespeople. The time they spend on administrative tasks is time away from customer interactions. But that data is vital.It’s important to capture customer orders, quotes, needs, and more. Lead and sales reporting help sales managers know where to direct their attention. Analytics also help drive more efficient [...]

7 Pro Tips for Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 is the most popular of all major office productivity software. It has 48.8% of the global market share, just edging out Google’s apps, by a couple of percentage points.It’s used by individuals, small & mid-sized businesses, and larger enterprise organizations. It does everything a modern office needs. Including from word processing and spreadsheet [...]

What Is Microsoft Defender for Individuals & What Does It Do?

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When you hear about Microsoft adding security apps to M365, it’s often the business versions. But the pandemic has changed the way that we see the workplace. It’s now a hybrid world. One made up of several connected “mini-offices” located in employee homes.The outsourcing market has also contributed to the change in company networks. Freelancers [...]

Internet Explorer Has Lost All Support (What You Need to Know)

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After being the main entry to the internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Internet Explorer (IE) is gone. As of June 15, 2022, Microsoft dropped the web browser from support.IE ushered in the age of connection to the world in 1995 and held a majority of the browser market share for many years. [...]

Microsoft Productivity Score Overview

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Productivity can be challenging to track, no matter where employees are working. How do you know they’re using their tools as effectively as possible? How can you enable them to adopt best practices?These are questions that managers often ask themselves. If they’re looking at the wrong things, it can get in the way of empowering [...]

5 Exciting Ways Microsoft 365 Can Enable the Hybrid Office

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“Hybrid office” is the new buzzword you’ll hear used in business discussions. It’s the mix of having employees both working at the office and working from home. This has become more than a buzzword and is now the reality for many companies.There was a survey of employees with remote-capable jobs. The survey found that as [...]